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A smart chain based cryptocurrency for exponential growth and high yield returns suitable for crypto investors globally.
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1 ANG Token Price
$0.000000002 Pre Sale
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What is Angel Cake Token?
Angel Cake Token is a Bep20 cryptocurrency, based on the Binance Smart Chain Mainet Technology. Which enables the creation of smart contracts and a system of 21 validators.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

All transactions adds value to itself
by generating liquidity from

10% Transaction

5% ANG token are burned in
every transaction forever.
The remaining 5% tokens
are redistributed to existing
token holders.

100% Decentralised

ANG is a great investment,
it provides a direct exposure
to the growing demand
in digital currency

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Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In Now

($ANG) Angel Cake is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain platform created to provide a safe crypto for those seeking high returns on investment.  This token is created with automatic deflationary on each transaction meaning this token will forever decrease in circulation and increase in value.

ANG Smart Contract Address

In order to make ANG token distribution process more efficient, the ANG price will now be linked to Dollar:

1 ANG = 0.000000002$
  • Total Supply: 950,000,000,001,172
  • 5% Pre Sale - Soft Cap - $100K
  • Pre Sale Price 0.000000002
  • 10% Stage 2 ICO -Hard Cap - $400k
  • Stage 2 0.000000004
Token Distribution
  • 40% Liquidity Pool
  • 30% Burnt Forever
  • 10% Round 2 ICO
  • 10% Marketing
  • 5% Pre-Sale ICO
  • 5% Team
Our Strategy and Project Plan
To The Moon and Beyond
Angel Cake Cryptocurrency
Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency uses a blockchain technology to transfer transaction. It is a decentralised network of computers working together to manage transactions and database records. It offer a high level of security and is the future of banking.

It is very easy to convert your cryptocurrency to cash. Just transfer head over to a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance or Coinbase and sell your cryptocurrency for cash which can then be easily transferred to you bank account.

Most new investors think that buying a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, litecoin Ethereum would make them money. These are the major currency and can be profitable but the actual truth is finding a diamond in the rough and taking a early position. This can be at the Pre-sale stage, ICO stage or immediately on the lunch date and wait for the price to rise exponentially to gain of upto 100x and even 1000x is possible.

  • Make worldwide payments with your wallet
  • Safer transactions and high level security
  • Maximum privacy for investors
  • traceability of transactions on the smart chain
  • Hold unlimited cryptocurrency in one wallet
  • Exponential growth of funds
  1. Download the app Trust Wallet on android or MetaMask on an iPhone.
  2. You can Purchase BNB directly on Trust Wallet (download from android or iOS (For free) or if your on metamask purchase on binance and send to metamask after adding the binance smart chain to your metamask wallet via settings > network > add network .
  3. To Buy Tokens Just click the BUY NOW button on our homepage from your wallet browser once launched.
  4. Choose your currency and enter this contract address into the search field to find Angel Cake (ANG) if not visible already.       0x700a1b21c417285dfb8b6074ac546733fa85b1f7
  5. Before swapping, click on the cog wheel and set the slippage to between 10-15%
  6. Enter the amount you want to Buy and Hit the swap button > Click confirm in the next window