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Buy Presale Tokens Online 

Buy Pre-Sale Tokens 

1 ANG Tokens @ $0.000000002

$100 = 47,500,000,000ANG

Minimum $200

Maximum $5000

Please add Smart Contract Address to your Metamask or Trust wallet and provide your ANG wallet address at the checkout to receive your ANG pre-sale tokens.

ANG Smart Contract Address


How to add ANG token to your trust wallet. 

Click on this Top-Right icon in your wallet

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on add custom token

Copy the ANG Smart Contract Address  ANG Smart Contract Address. 0x700a1b21c417285dfb8b6074ac546733fa85b1f7  And fill information as seen below. Then hit save in the top right.

The ANG token will now be visible in your wallet. Click it just like you would any other token and copy your addresses “Receive address” into the checkout form on the Angel cake website. In order to received our token.

Just hit copy to copy your ANG wallet address to receive your token. Paste this address when requested at the checkout screen on angelcake.io website.


How to add ANG Token to your Metamask Wallet

Set up metamask for binance smartchain Mainet (if you don’t have this already. If you do. You can skip this step)


Add “ANG token contract” to your metamask inside of your binance smart chain. Click on add token

Next click on custom token

Copy and paste the ANG contract address into the token address field.

The ANG token should now be in your wallet. Next select the token and copy your wallet address into the checkout box in angelcake.io website.